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We are now located at 7 Oak Street, Llangollen LL20 8NR.  Tel 01978 447007 [about a 2 minute walk from the Market Street car park.]

  • ALTERATIONS: £25 on Bridesmaid dresses, [not applicable to on-line sales].

  • Our Bridesmaid dresses tend to take 10 - 12 weeks [rush cut available, 6 - 8 weeks]

  • We have over 70 bridesmaid styles to choose from in a choice of over 100 colours.

  • Plus Sizes : Our sizes go up to 28 and above. We will not charge extra for plus size dresses or extra length.

  • Our beautiful dresses are also available to buy on-line, direct from our UK bridal shop in Llangollen.

  • With our one dress refund offer / sample loan service, you can see the quality before you buy.

  • You can see us on Facebook for any current offers.

Welcome to PurpleBridesmaid, here we have all of our beautiful dresses available, direct from our UK bridal shop in Llangollen shown in purple. With over 70 styles to choose from and a great selection of over 100 colours you and your ladies will be spoiled for choice.

The quality of the J'adore Collection is exceptionally high, and we're confident we cannot be matched on quality and price anywhere online or on the high street. We offer a one dress refund policy and sample loan service so you can see the quality before you buy or you're welcome to come to our bridal shop and try the dresses in store.

Let us know which colours you're after and will send swatches of your favourites before your dresses are commissioned with J'adore Bridals, so you know that your dresses will be absolutely perfect in exactly the right shade of pink for your wedding.

J’adore offer a choice between invisible zips or corset backs on their purple bridesmaid dresses. We normally recommend going with an invisible zip on a chiffon dress because they have a nicer finish. Satin or taffeta styles look nice with either the corset back or invisible zip. The corset backs or lace up backs are when you tie the back of the dress like a shoe lace, going from top to bottom and tying in a bow at the last loop. You can either have the bow on show or you can tuck in under the panel, corset backs are a way you can try to avoid alterations on the bodice (or if your ladies are expecting their weight to change last minute), because you can just tie it tighter or let it loose depending on the fit. They won’t guarantee not needing alterations though, just there’s less chance. Please let Fairytale Dresses know if you would like a lace up back or invisible zip at the time of ordering.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

It wouldn't be a modern wedding without one of the following three scenarios. First up, one of your bridesmaids is trying to get pregnant and doesn't know what size to order. The second, you've ordered the dresses and then your bridesmaid tells you she's pregnant. The third, you have a bridesmaid who is already pregnant and due to give birth days before the wedding.

Generally the rule of thumb for pregnant bridesmaids is to go 2 sizes up, so if they're measuring at a size 14 in the first trimester then order her a size 18. It all depends on how far gone she is at the time of measuring and how many weeks she'll be on the wedding day. If she's trying to get pregnant at the time of ordering then it could be worth going for two sizes too big, the worst case scenario is she isn't successful straight away and it needs to be taken in. Most dresses will need taking in slightly by a seamstress when they arrive, normally just a dart on the bust is needed but depending on the ladies body shape more work may be needed for the perfect fit. It's not a big job for a seamstress to take a dress down a few sizes, but letting one out becomes more difficult. The dresses tend to have 1-2" of fabric within the seams to let out, but that's it so it's much better to go bigger and take in than try and let out and make a small dress bigger.

If you've already ordered the dresses and then found out your bridesmaid is pregnant don't panic, there are solutions but it will depend case by case so you're best ringing the shop on 01978 447007 and speaking to Joy. She can look at her sizes and order situation as well as work out an estimate of her size on the wedding day so she can work out what can be done, just don't panic it'll all be fine.

If you have a lady due right before the wedding (or just after) it's always best to go with the bigger dress and take it in. Make sure you have your seamstress on standby last minute before the wedding incase it needs altering last minute. Choose a style that will comfortable for her, if you don't want all your ladies in that style then maybe suggest each bridesmaid choose their own individual style so she won't feel singled out. The empire line dresses tend to be a comfortable choice for many bridesmaids, they come in underneath the bust and flow over the waist so can flow over the bump and be comfortable and have a flattering look.

Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

J’adores Bridesmaid Collection go upto size 28 and they do not charge extra for plus size dresses. When measuring your ladies it’s rare for them to fit perfectly into one of the sizes on the measurements chart, so we always recommend going for the bigger size. It’s easier to take dresses in a few inches then try and let them out or add panels to them if they’re too small.

The dresses they make are all high quality and double lined with full boning within the bodice for supporting your bridesmaids shape regardless of their size. When ordering you’ll need to take your bridesmaids bust, waist and hip measurements. Quite often they will be different than the size chart with their bust fitting one size and their waist another. It’s easier for a seamstress to take a dress in rather than letting it out, so we always recommend going with the biggest measurement, so if their bust is the size up from their waist then order that size so the seamstress can just take the waist in slightly for the perfect fit for her body shape. Almost all the dresses will need a small dart on the bust when they arrive so some small alterations to take the dress in shouldn’t cost a lot from a reputable seamstress. Letting a dress out can be much trickier, the dresses come with a good 1-2″ seam on the inside so if your bridesmaid changes shape or size from the time of ordering then the seamstress can unpick the seam and let it out, it’s not a major issue. If your bridesmaid puts on more than the seam will allow however it becomes problematic, the seamstress could add a corset back to the dress which can give 3-5 inches extra, or they could make a panel. The panel option can look messy though, both would need extra fabric so it’s worth buying a meter of matching fabric as a just in case if you think one of your bridesmaids might change size before the wedding.

All of the dresses come in over 100 different colours and are not just limited to blue, see all our dresses in different colours on our other popular websites Green Bridesmaid, Pink Bridesmaid and Blue Bridesmaid.